About Long Term(Home) Rentals

Renting a piano is the least expensive way to get a piano to your home. With our simple initial rental contract, you can start renting right away. We offer the most competitive prices when it comes to our rentals. 

Initial Rental Payment

  • First months rental (initial cost)

  • Two months rental fee as a security deposit

  • Round trip moving charges

  • Sales tax(8.875%)

*Long term rental requires 6 month minimum contract

Upright pianos we have for rental are $60 to $140 per month, baby grand pianos are $225 per month and up.

Our rent to buy option makes it easy to buy either the piano you are renting or upgrade to one of our professional studio uprights. (A must for a serious music student) with our rental you automatically get credit for all of your rental payments up to one full year.

Contact us if you are located Outside Manhattan and/or have stairs at your location, up to 25 Miles


Type of Piano

Spinet Piano Rental
Console Piano Rental
Upright Piano Rental
Silent Piano Rental

Rental Cost

$50 to $60 / month
$60 to $90 / month
$80 to $150 / month
$140 to up / month


Leasing A Piano

For year long (and longer) rental, we also offer our customers the option to lease a piano. To do this, the cost will require an initial payment of approximately 30% of the pianos value, plus an additional cost of moving the instrument. We offer the payment plans for a 12 month lease  or a 36 months lease.  Some restrictions may apply. 


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