People of all ages and skill levels from beginners to competent musicians can benefit from structured piano instruction. For children, teens and young adults, numerous studies have shown that piano lessons have a positive impact on everything from self esteem to standardized test scores. For adults, whether they are complete beginners or studied piano as children, lessons provide a way to learn a new skill or polish up existing talents and can be a fulfilling and satisfying way to deepen appreciation for music.

New! Group Lesson Session for Young Chilren Starts in July

Our group lessons for young children are easy and simple steps to introduce the music. The lessons are designed to understanding very basic of singing, play notes step by step. We are using the visual image, workbooks and real pianos to get familiar with notes and rhythm. 

Ideally by the end of session, the children can play small song with both hands. The programs are also designed to repeat and practice at home.  Although, we need the parents/ caregivers help to complete the practice.

It is 8 weeks sessions; we repeat the lesson twice to make sure that all the children could complete the lessons.  After one or more of two month course, the students are ready to get private lessons to pursuit their goals.

The first step of music is singing. Especially young children are singing without theory or knowledge, just using the words and rhythm.  It is very natural for the children.

We try to introduce music to young children as natural as possible.

Also, our mission is as many children enjoy the music, especially play the music instrument. There are numerous studies that music will help children educational, mental and behavior. Even there are study that much higher SAT score who has musical lessons in the past.

We start to sing along connected with scales and rhythm. Then we teach using right hands then left hands. After they learn the note and rhythm, we play the song with both hands.

We wish as many children start the first step of musical education with fun and joy.  We believe that music is the great gifts to the children that give happiness and joy to his/her life.

Private Lessons

Beginner level for children
A 45 minute lesson for beginning children emphasize establishing good habits and laying a solid foundation while making music engaging and enjoyable. For young children, we recommend frequent lessons even 30 minutes.

Beginner level for adults
Private one hour lessons for adult beginners emphasize building a solid foundation in technique and repertoire while taking into account the specific interests and needs of the student.

Are you interested in taking your skills to the next level? Intermediate private lessons can help you go beyond the basics and expand your repertoire and range while opening up new possibilities for your performance.

Are you a competent pianist but looking for greater mastery, advice on specific concerns, or to expand your repertoire? Private advanced lessons can help you achieve your technical and artistic goals!


Piano Lessons at Absolute Piano

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Children, Adults, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced are all welcome.

45 minutes lesson x 5 starting at $250  

60 minute lesson x 5 starting at $300

In-home lessons can also be organized at extra cost.

Our piano instructors are some of the best out there and have the education, experience and results to prove it!