Tunings are important to ensure that your piano remains in good sounding condition. Pianos may go out of tune for a number of reasons, from changes in weather  to the humidity in the air. Thus, it is important to tune your piano more often than you think. We have set up our pricing plan to encourage to you continue the up-keep of your piano tuning so that you piano remains healthy and sounding beautiful.  Our tuners and voicers can come to you and tune your instrument directly and effectively. With flexible schedules, our technicians can accommodate most scheduling needs you might have, making the process easy and light-weight for you. 

Our Prices

  • First visit: $150
  • Within 6 months: $100
  • Within a year: $120
  • Over a year: $150
  • icing & Regulation: $150< up


Tuning is not the only maintenance needed for pianos. Even with regular tunings, your piano's performance may still decrease. Therefore, regulating and voicing are other maintenances that ensure your piano is functioning to its highest standard. Piano regulation is the tweaking of mechanical parts of the piano to amend any effects caused by wear and use. Regulations can solve a variety of issues including fixing sticky keys or jammed pedals. Please contact us using the form, we will contact you for a diagnosis for your problem. 

Our Prices

  • Key Top Change: $600

Silent Piano System

If you have trouble with your neighbors complaining about your piano playing, we have a new technological solution. You can now play your piano silently. We can provide an installation of a silent piano system, which makes it so that your piano can play with headphones plugged in. This installation can be done on both new and old pianos all the same. It simply adds a compact digital piano inside your existing acoustics piano. Contact Us for more details.

Call Us & Ask Us Anything Piano Related.

Our team of technicians and sales persons have an extensive knowledge of pianos. Our in-house technician will gladly answer any questions you might have about pianos. If you would like to request a tuning, please provide the following information in the message box. We will not send a technician without phone confirmation.

  • Piano location (address)
  • Piano type (grand/upright) & manufacturer
  • Date of last tuning
  • Phone number (required)
  • Request date

 * We offer service tuning/repair in the New York City Area only.