Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I tune my  piano?

A: With standard home usage, we recommend twice a year. But it depends on usage and the environment at your house.

Q: I have a young child, when is a good time to start lessons?

A: Music is great brain stimulation for children of any age. S/he can start music such as singing and playing instruments at any time if s/he has any interest. But  for real "piano practice", you should wait till s/he calls her/himself "I" instead of her/his name. (Usually around 4~6 years old) At this age, s/he will be able to recognize her/his teacher as an instructor, not a friend or caregiver.

Q: How much is the tuning?

A: Tuning costs $150.00 in Manhattan, slightly more in the boroughs. But if you haven't tuned it regularly, it may cost you twice that or more.

Q: My Child is just starting piano lessons, do we need to buy a piano?

A: If you are not sure that your child will keep up with lessons, try renting a piano first. A simple keyboard is fine with beginners but in the long run you will need a real piano. Unless you do not have the space for it.  An upright piano needs 4"x5" area including place for the bench.

Q: I live in a walk-up apartment, how much will it cost to get the piano upstairs?

A: That depends on the size of the piano and the difficulty of the flights; we will often come and inspect your stairs in order to accurately determine the moving charges.

Q: Can I rent a piano for one day?

A: We routinely rent pianos from just hours to days and weeks, please call or email us for assistance.

Q: We no longer play our piano. Do you buy used pianos?

A: We will buy pianos less than 30 years old, making exceptions for Steinways. It also depends on its brand and condition. Please tell us the serial number and the name of the piano as well as the height and finish of your piano.  If you could send us pictures, it will be helpful.

Q: Do you move pianos? What is the cost?

A: Every move is different. Moving within Manhattan starts at $175. Additional charges may be added depending on the size of the piano, distance, number of steps/ flights of stairs and other circumstances. Please contact us using the form located in "Moving tab"

Q: Do you trade in my old piano?

A: Most of the time we will accept trade-ins. Please call or come by the store! 

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