Miracle of 1646 Park Avenue

We lost 3 of customers’ pianos back in March 2014. I sent message to each customer that their pianos were destroyed… Thankfully, they were very sympathetic and understanding.

Last week, the last replacement chapter ended.


This particular piano was a Steinway 1098 model which belonged to the composer who passed away. His sister, Irene decided to donate it to a Synagogue that she goes to. She used our services to move and overhaul it for new home on her at cost. We picked it up and worked on. We were just about planning to deliver it.


                It was in our technician’s living room and it saved his life. He was protected between the pianos and was able to escape from many tons of rubbish that collapsed on him. He is a person who only worked on pianos all his life and nothing else. He admires pianos like his children. He can do wonders on any piano.  It was unbelievable that “the piano man” was saved by pianos. (It seems like pianos had their own mind and really wanted to save his life for other pianos. “You have saved so many of us, we finally return the favor”)


All those pianos were bulldozed and sent to Randal’s Island. Over 60 pianos mixed with rubbish. We were never given the chance to see them.


The Rabbi and the pianist from the Synagogue came along with Irene who owned her brother’s piano. The pianist fell in love with a piano he played the first. It was a Steinway console which is another miracle story.  It came from one of our clients, Richard. He had started piano lessons four years ago, since his wife passed away and needed to occupy his time and feelings. He started with a rental piano first then purchased the one he was renting. He called me up every 6 month or so chatted about pianos, lessons, his teacher and his progress. Two years later he dropped into our shop and wanted a Steinway piano that was similar as his teacher has. That was this Steinway.


After we announced that we re-open he called us up with condolence and he passed on his piano to us. He said because he is going to a home for elderly and he is not able to bring it. And he thought we needed more pianos and would not harm one extra. Even we opened our store we were lacking inventories and looking for more pianos. He was sure that we could find good new home for it. (I believe