Piano Lessons

How to get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, practice, practice.....  

Unfortunatery no short cut to be a better piano player. Especially the small children. It needs parents' help to make practice is a routeen or habit for him/her. Hopefully it should be joyful and happy time for them. 

Most pianists started the teacher who is not a discipline oriented and tough. They are kind, gentle and warm person. They simply like to play the piano or want to please a teacher.

 He or she wants to please his/her mother or father Too. For 10 to 20 minutes a day, stop what you are doing and be next to your son or daughter. Give them full attention and listen their progress and encourage how they are doing well! The Investment of your time will make priceless connection with your child/children. 

Music is beautiful so as your child/children. 

Piano teacher is teaching the technic and engagement to the music. 

You are sharing life and Joyment with your child/children.